Cut through the noise.

Place your app directly in the hands of new users with frictionless native advertising.


Advertise Directly on Devices

We connect advertisers and agencies with new customers on the largest global telecom partners around the world, bypassing app stores and going direct-to-device with sponsored recommendations and native preloads.

With more than 30+ carrier and OEM partners globally, we can help you place your app directly on devices.

The Only Global, Frictionless App Advertising Platform

Advertise your app with the confidence that you're reaching real users directly.

Advertising Success

We've delivered over 1 billion sponsored app installs

Top Apps

We're partnered with 70% of the top apps on Google Play

Dedicated Support

We provide dedicated support experts and a single point of contact

Global Reach

Global reach and scale, with access to over 150 million devices in more than 190 countries


Our advertising network guarantees fraud-free, operator-certified installs

Revitalize your user acquisition strategy

Improve conversion rates, build brand impressions over the long-term, and grow your customer base by tapping into our partnerships with top mobile operators.

Fraud Free Installs

Certified by mobile operators, app installs are guaranteed to be real users.

Frictionless App Delivery

Single-tap installs lead to higher conversion rates for our partners.

Increased User Engagement

Native preloads lead to increased engagement over the lifecycle of a device, even continuing into the open BYOD market.

Reach New Users at Scale

Global partnerships in 190+ countries allow you to reach new users at a global level.

Better Return on Investment

These advantages combine and lead to a better ROI for our advertising partners over the lifetime of a device.

Transparent Reporting

Get a complete view into spending and engagement into user behavior post-install.

Gain access to exclusive mobile ad units

Deep integrations and partnerships with mobile operators and OEMs enable us to offer an exclusive native ad inventory.

Native App Preloads

Get your app pre-installed on factory-fresh devices.

Single-tap Installs

Single-tap installs create a better user experience, which leads to higher conversions and increased user engagement.


SmartFolders allow us to make context-specific sponsored recommendations for your game, utility, or mobile app.


Reach new customers with geo-targeted push notifications, post-install actions (specific to that app), or notifications timed from device boot.

Homescreen Placements

This is beachfront property for mobile devices. Our partnerships with mobile operators provides rare access to unique homescreen placements.


"The presence of the app on the phone is a plus over time. It's a no-brainer. One, I get the branding. Two, I have a higher likelihood that the user choose to engage — that they will click, check out and read a review and visit a local restaurant."


“End customers are looking to their devices for a growing number of applications and our advertisers want to reach targeted audiences using a reliable approach. goodlyads.com enables us to extend our mobile marketing suite and expand our reach with Oath distributed global advertisers.”

Jam City

“The biggest advantage about goodlyads.com is how quickly they deliver scale. Its also a great way to target users with the newest smartphones,” since mobile operators offer the latest devices to keep their customers loyal.”